“I found the book very inspiring. JD makes it all so simple. The concept of M.A.D. (Mindset, Action & Discipline) is easy to remember and implement. The three D’s that waste our time – Diversions, Distractions and Detractors – were also a huge help. What a great little book!”

Joey Asher

“I’ve been wholesaling for 15 years now and this book is a MUST HAVE for internal sales reps. No fluff, just the meat to help you become a master of your hottest commodity which is time.”

Tony Sifuentes
Senior VP, Director of Sales

“I have gone through it twice and I think this is a great book. It’s short, keeps your attention and is very motivating. Plus, it’s an easy read to go back and review. Perfect for every sales person needing to get priorities straight (RGAs), making a plan and writing it down are the keys to success.”

Jeff Riley
VP Southeastern Sales
Concept Packaging Group

“I thought you were talking directly to me! This is my biggest problem, and for some reason I just haven’t overcome it yet. I really like this book. Yes it is simple and obvious, but reminding us to do it is key. I think many people can benefit from this.”

Rick Kisser, CFP, CLU
AIP Marketing Alliance

“A must read for any true financial professional that wants to perform at their best every day. This book is engaging, fun, and packed full of ideas that can be put into action right after the last page is read.”

Cam Dressander
Senior Vice President